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Christopher Parkes

Christopher Parkes, Artist in Residence January 2008

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Grassed Site

Christopher Parkes is artist in residence in Standing Room during 'Allotments'. His practice has recently involved working in the role of 'caretaker' of a 15ft x 15ft landscape within his studio. However, for 'Allotments' he has scaled-down to a miniature - 15" x !5" piece entitled 'Grassed Site', which he will develop and spread in response to the various stages of the exhibition's curation. see

Michelle Greenwood

‘Helianthus annuus 2’
Acrylic yarn, beads (crochet)

‘I have exhibited this piece in response to Chris' work, and thinking about allocated spaces and control over nature. I thought it would be interesting for my work to encroach on his, to have sprung up unexpectedly and incongruously.

More generally, I am exploring botanical structure and growth through crochet. My current work is about overgrowth and weeds. It is about the plant world versus the human world. I am using unwanted/excess acrylic yarn, the leftovers from other people's knitting projects. This yarn will not decay, these plants will not die.’

Michelle Greenwood