Standing Room: Allotments
Review by Bianca Winter, AN January 2008

Long Eaton Town Hall
19 – 30 January

Curating an exhibition of artwork gathered through an open and unselected submission process would suggest a few days of chaotic decision making, but ‘Allotments’ bypasses the chaos before it begins. Standing Room is an innovative space dedicated to exploring curation and fostering an environment of risk-taking; a veritable testbed of curatorial techniques. In sympathy with the usual ethos of research, Standing Room has been divided into 15”x15” allotments that are selected by participating artists upon booking: a process that leaves the artist blind to the aesthetic of the surrounding work, and in which the curation becomes automatic and potentially negated. Starting in December at the new Harrington Mill Studio site, Standing Room will be inhabited by theoretically independent units of artwork that will subsequently be transported to Long Eaton Town Hall. Joined by an artist in residence who will tend a miniature landscape for the duration, the space and the positioning of the allotments will be intentionally interrupted.