Tracey Eastham and Hayley Lock

Narratives, Landscapes and Myths

Tracey Eastham and Hayley Lock represent a resurgence of the collage technique in fine art practice. They espouse the inherent fascination with images and the desire to manipulate and play with meaning that is essential to such a technique, if not such an age as now.
The artists work together assumes a position of great intrigue and innovation with materials and fascination with intricate detail and mysterious intent.

Lock's practice is based on reproduction, reconfiguration and souvenirs. The reproductions she creates focus on entwining existing works and objects with aspects of life in modern day society. Recently she has focused her interests towards hierarchical and fantastical subjects of monarchy and noble folk as well as the narrative. Using collage, digital manipulation, photography, sculpture and sound her work is derived globally from a cross – cultural mix of folklore, slang and imaginary alternative secret societies with its roots to date based alongside traditional Dutch, Spanish, English, French, Italian, Swedish and Japanese portraiture. She explores the possibilities of extracting stories of the imaginary, of mythology.

Eastham's collages are concerned with landscapes made up of stereotypes, representations, and metaphors that whilst being apparently false and superficial still pertain to passions of national and personal identity.
She uses the format of a traditional landscape to explore the beguiling mystery of collage through sentimentalised images with a hint of dramatic human presence using references from the 18th century English school of romantic painting, portrayals of the ‘wild’ Western America, sci-fi and romantic book covers, and images of stylised jewellery and objects of nature. There is an intriguing sense of depth through the flatness of paper with an oscillation of fantasy and reality.
Together the two artists confirm the energy of reused content in reconfigured images and the innate magnetism of delicate, hand-manipulated materials.