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Flore Gardner


4th - 26th October


Performance: 24th October 6:00-8:00pm
“Ghost” series: human figures are densely enveloped in a cocoon of thread making them disappear, or rather reappear as “absent presences”. Flore Gardner 2008
100 Sewn-Photographs are organised in four different series: “Horizon”, “Ghosts”, “Doodles”, “(Out-)Lines”. These pieces consist of old photos recuperated in antique markets and car-boot sales or old and more recent family photos, over which I draw by sewing different coloured thread through the photos. Contradictory/complementary practices (photography and sewing) are brought together through drawing.

In these sewn pieces the 2D drawn line is “translated” into a 3D sewn line - a thread.
The thread in the exhibition, just like that of Ariadne’s, serves to guide the eye through the labyrinth of pictures, but could also be a time line materialised, threading its way through these photos old and recent.

The symbolic value of sewing – at the same time the needle can hurt (prick or even pierce) and can heal (the surgeon’s needle stitches to repair) – is transposed here to the photos which are damaged by this treatment (by the numerous tiny holes all over) but also transformed, recreated and gain another meaning.

Sewing, like knitting or other crafts, is a three dimensional version of doodling: this drawing activity, or rather non-activity, accompanies thought, a wandering of the mind in a reverie. It is a parergon in the sense that Derrida [Jacques DERRIDA, La vérité en peinture, Paris, Flammarion, 1978] develops: “around” the oeuvre, it is made in the margins; it is a “secondary” or “accessory” activity, done while doing something else; it is at the limit in between the work and outside the work, the link between idea and execution, and tends to become oeuvre in my proposed project.

The sewn photographs are quite small (approx. 10x10cm) so the exhibition space could easily contain the four series.
Best suited for the long 30 foot wall is the “Horizon” series which will be hung in such a way that the horizon in each photo will be aligned forming one long horizon line. On the four panels opposite this wall I would hang the abstract and figurative “Doodled” photos. Finally in the other part of the exhibition space I would like to hang the “(Out-)line” photos and opposite them the filled-in “Ghosts” series.

“Horizon” series: the horizon (line) is redrawn, strange looking architectures appear far out at sea or new mountain ranges are invented.
“Doodle” series: little abstract repetitive doodles are sewn over photographs of ordinary situations, or, simple figurative elements are drawn over photographs adding another layer of meaning.
“Ghost” series: human figures are densely enveloped in a cocoon of thread making them disappear, or rather reappear as “absent presences”.
“(Out-)line” series: an object or a figure is outlined by the thread which tends to break away from the contour as if temporarily out of control.