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The HMS Exhibition Space was set up for artists to showcase their work. This is not a commercial space and HMS encourages experimental and orignal artwork
Viewing by appointment only
The Commissar of Enlightenment and Other Projects

2nd April - 30th April

Recent Art Work and Research by Rob Van Beek

The story of modern art often gets presented as the rise of abstraction or the rise of conceptualism. But the radical depiction of the figure is just as central to modern and contemporary art. This is the strand that Rob Van Beek takes up in his recent artwork and research.

Exhibition Opening: Sunday 2nd April 2pm-4:30pm

Three Short Talks and Three Discussions
Sunday 9th April 2pm-3:30pm
1) Drawing 2) Colour and 3) Inhabiting Art:

“I prefer to talk about my work obliquely – by talking about general principles rather than individual works. I have selected three lines of thought that I work with. (I’ve chosen these ones in particular because they contrast quite strongly with commonly held views…)

First, I see drawing not so much as ‘depiction’ or ‘representation’ but as a process of generating symbols for things.

Second, I see colour less as sensation or perception and more as information.

Third, I see art works as ‘semi-functional’. I see them as worlds which can be critically inhabited.”


People and Art Forms: an Informal Workshop
Sunday 30th April 2-3:30pm
”In this workshop – with your practical assistance - I hope to do some more work on one of my pet theories.

A current orthodoxy holds that art forms are more or less entirely conventional entities. It follows from this that you can mix-and-match media, forms or genres, more or less at will.

I’m interested in a qualified version of this view. Art forms are customary in certain ways. But they also depend on ‘hard-wired’ human abilities. People are able to understand faces, figures and human movement. We are able to distinguish these human qualities from inanimate and environmental features.

It is these are abilities, mostly developed for person-to-person interaction that provide the foundation for past, existing and future art forms.”

Exhibition Closes
Sunday 30th 4pm Please collect any work sold from the exhibition.

Coming Soon...As Yet Untitled, new work by Steffie Richards, Sunday 7 May - Saturday 3rd June

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