8th - May 22nd
Viewing on Sunday 22nd May from 1-4pm

Thirty-seven artists associated with HMS have made new work in response to the theme of 'Precious Little'. A grid of 44 works, 20 x 20cm will be shown alongside works by Mary Ellen Croteau, Alison Whitmore,Dee Shiels and Jackie Berridge who will be travelling to Greece.
Rising star Chloè Rose Whitmore has also contributed a beautiful poem and written the foreword for the catalogue.
After exhibiting at HMS, the work will be packed in a suitcase and taken to Athens where it will be shown at the Platforms event for artist-led groups at Art-Athina.

Before we leave for Athens please join us for the preview on
Sunday 22nd May from 1-4pm PV at HMS

Thursday 26th - Sunday 29 May Platforms@Art-Athina

David Ainley
Joan Ainley
Lori Amor
Jackie Berridge
Richard Boyle
Michael Bruzon
Anna Eyjolfsdottir
Barbara Clayton
Paul Crook
Mary Ellen Croteau
Lisa Denyer
Flore Gardner
Louise Garland
Terry Greene
Sue Greenaway
Sarah Hemstock
Carole Hawthorne
Michelle Keegan
Torbjörn Limé

David Manley
Maggy Milner
Polly Parker
Kerri Pratt
Jane Pepper
Rachael Pinks
Patrick Prentice
Rose Camastro Pritchett
Nicola Rae
Steffie Richards
Dee Shiels
Kate Smith
Helen Stevenson
Jacqueline Taylor
Janet Turville
Paul Warren
Alison Whitmore
Chloe Whitmore
Chris A Wright