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Alison Whitmore
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Artists Statement

Lugging the almost unmanageable paraphernalia of ‘plein air’ painting on a journey to nowhere, I discover new levels of pain with the aid of a tripod stool. Taking the decision to pursue this experiment, testing my endurance, exposed to the elements seems ludicrous in the age of instantaneous digitisation. What reason could there be for such foolhardy behaviour?

The aim of this endless process is to explore and evoke, by interrogating traditional media, a pointedly real sense of place, of having been where I have been, of being intensely hot or painfully cold, wet, insecure, isolated, and uncomfortable.

The activity of observation and recording produces a journal-like body of work, attempting to capture in stasis an instant, conveying the fugitive play of light and constantly changing colour. Allowing the medium to take some control of the outcome, my work is sometimes contemplative and at other times urgent, this is dictated by the weather conditions.

Revisiting locations at different times of day, through changing weather conditions and rotating seasons lends depth to this investigation