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Sheila Ravnkilde
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Richard Attenborough Centre, Leicester
Colour installation April 2009

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INTERLOCK – turquoise/black,
Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham, 2007

8 PAIRS in situ
Harrington Mill Studios, Oct- Dec 2007
Angel Row Gallery Window 2005
Window 05
Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham, 2005
Angel Row 2005
Window 05
Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham, 2005
Nottingham Castle 2006 Colour Installation
Nottingham Castle Museum And Art Gallery, 2006
Angel Row 2003 STAIRWELL
Arts Council England, East Midlands, offices, 2003

Artists Statement

My work is always abstract, always minimal. Most of my work is large scale. I work in both 2 and 3 dimensions. The variable factors are dependent on the nature of the exhibiting space, both in visual terms and how the space can be used. So work develops from an interaction between my current thinking and a response to the exhibiting space.
Working with the space and affecting the space is important.

Colour is a major element in my work. In recent projects I have worked with colour spatially, installing areas of colour in an architectural context.
In my commission, Window 05, Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham, I have selected colours from a pre existing range of sign vinyl, working with a sign writer.
In other projects I have applied colour, by roller onto the walls:
Interlock – turquoise /black, as part of Out of Place, Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham; Colour Installation at Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery; my commission as colour artist for the Arts Council new offices in Nottingham; 10 colours, Stamford Arts Centre; 5 colours, 10 lines, 5 pairs of colours at the Workstation, Sheffield.

In more 3 dimensional projects, the emphasis has been on the viewer’s changing experience of the work as they walk past/ through/ between parts of projects installed, some pieces inviting the viewer to inhabit the work.

Projects include: Triplanes, The Roadmender, Northampton; Red Frames Suspended, Octopus Gallery, Saffron Walden; External Structure 1, Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery; Red Wedge Scaffolding, Wirksworth Art and Architecture Trail.

In all my work, 2D/3D, a re-looking at the space, and the viewer’s changing experience from different angles/ positions is integral to my thinking.

My Art practice includes exhibiting in gallery and non gallery spaces and public art commissions.

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