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Lori Amor
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My work is about communication, manipulation and archival aspects of information. For the past two years, this has meant using various types of boxes, electronics and sculpture techniques to create small diaromas of information. Issues that arise from information contained within the boxes or even from the boxes themselves are incidental, yet it is through these incidental issues that the purpose of the work is fully
achieved. The projects usually take the form of installations, involving elements of craft and performance. The installations are strongly driven by concept but the process of using appropriate materials to bring physical form to those concepts is an important factor in their creation.

More recently, I have begun to develop a series of works under the title “Arkhe Project”.
The focus of this project is the implementation of a database which will be used for storing
information used in my work as well as storing information generated from the database
as the project progresses. I am interested in adapting the processes currently being used in
archiving and information management for use as a tool within my own artistic practice.
More information about past and current projects can be found on my website:

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