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Justine Nettleton
Justine’s painting process is dynamic and ever changing. She is inspired by speed, force, drama. Her latest work captures the speeding journey home, down motorways in early evening. Her new work for winter 2012 captures the drama of typhoons, volcanoes and cataclysmic events.

Justine seeks out new projects including an upcoming exhibition of young dancers for The Derby Dance Centre and an exhibition inspired by ancient settlers at Creswell Crags in 2013. “I never want to stop learning what I can do with my artwork. New projects move my work forward in exciting and challenging directions.”

Justine also creates a range of jewellery inspired by her paintings


Aurora 3 Aurora 2
Aurora 5 Aurora 4
Aurora 7 Aurora 6

I draw my inspiration from light, colour and nature. My favourite time and place is anywhere lit at night, particularly parks and forests. Throughout 2011 my main source of inspiration has been ‘Aurora’, a winter light display at Rufford Abbey in Nottinghamshire, though I travel round the country all year visiting places lit at night. I love the magic and mystery that unfolds when night falls and we enter the woods with our torches.

I work with inks initially. I pour them onto the paper and allow them to take their own path, guided only gently as the random formations inspire me in the next stage of the process. I then work into the ink with pastels. This process is intuitive. I aim to enhance and increase the vibrancy further with the juxtaposition of colours. I enjoy building up layers of interest on the surface so that the viewer can enjoy the piece as a whole but can also be captivated by the jewel like nature of the work close up.

twitter: @justineartist