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We are all Tuvalu

Sarah Hemstock, Nadim Chaudry and Adam Kirk

14th – 28th Sept, 2008

Three artists explore environmental issues facing a small nation off the coast of Fiji. Threats posed by climate change and globalisation affecting Tuvalu should concern us all. This tiny island represents a microcosm of what is happening to the rest of the world. Any problems associated with this vulnerable community could indicate a bleak future for the rest of mankind. Read on...
Location:1,100 km from Fiji, Tuvalu – a Sovereign Nation State - is composed of 9 atolls, a vulnerable strip of land disseminated across nearly 1 million km2 of territorial waters

Population: Approx 11,500 people

The total land surface of only 26 km² thus meaning the population density is high
Environmental Issues
With over 1000 years of continuous human habitation, Tuvalu has a unique language and culture.The country is classified by the UN as having “Least Developed Country Status”. The flat low-lying islands of Tuvalu make this tiny nation the most exposed to climate change impact.
Geographic isolation, ecological uniqueness and fragility, rapid human population growth and associated waste disposal problems, limited land resources, high dependency on marine resources, exposure to damaging natural disasters, and global changes in climate; all contribute to Tuvalu’s increasing environmental vulnerability. In fact, Tuvalu is a microcosm of the environmental threats that we all face over the near to long-term future – Tuvalu will be hit first, but “We are all Tuvalu”…
"Small is Beautiful"
Alofa Tuvalu (Love Tuvalu) is an international NGO, registered in France and with a counterpart organisation in Tuvalu. It was set up with the primary objective of assisting Tuvalu to survive as a nation. The overall intention of the NGO’s activities is to develop Tuvalu as a replicable model for environmentally benign living. Community consultation is fundamental to all activities and the NGO has planned a 10 year “Small is Beautiful” project to address energy and related environmental problems associated with energy provision and resource use.
“We are all Tuvalu”
The work of artists Sarah Hemstock, Nadim Chaudry and Adam Kirk respond to Tuvalu’s situation in this exhibition… To find out more about the NGO’s work and Tuvalu visit
Sponsors: Derbyshire Arts Partnership

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