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Helen Stevenson
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Artists Statement

I completed a Geography degree at Nottingham University in 1996 which has given me a particular interest in our perceptions of place and space and how we interact within our environment. Subsequently, I studied Visual Arts at Nottingham University (Continuing Education Dept) graduating in 2006.

As an artist I enjoy working with different mediums including painting, ceramics, printing and photography. I began using photography as a digital art resource during my degree and am particularly interested in the changes taking place in our urban environment.

We live and move within and around familiar places and spaces. They are part of our mental maps and our physical realities. Our cities, towns and rural landscapes are so integral to our existence that those most relevant to us become part of our intrinsic unconscious being. Buildings, spaces and infrastructures adapt and evolve around us and, unless the change has a direct impact upon us, we carry about our business of living as before. I adapt my photography using computer based graphics packages so that familiar and everyday scenes are altered and give the viewer a new perspective.

My interest in urban structures and patterns also inform the outcome of my paintings as I let my work evolve, letting the spontaneity of the process of painting be led by the outcome of each action. This process is experimental and I am continually assessing and reassessing the nature of how I proceed.

My journey as an artist is continuously evolving; I find that working in a studio environment which is eclectic and stimulating is particularly enjoyable and enhances my own experience on the way.