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Louise Garland
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April Still Life
April Still Life
Scorpio Scorpio
Carousel Carousel
November Still Life November Still Life
Painters Cosmos Painters Cosmos
Pods Detail Pods Detail
To All The Lost Valentines To All The Lost Valentines
Family Of Eccentric Funnels
Come Into The Garden Maud
Bed of Constellations
Bed of Constellations
Yorkshire Stones
Yorkshire Stones
Aries She virgo Temple Dance
Sagittarius hexamenon Sagittarius detail

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Artists Statement

The work of Louise Garland engages with the philosophical belief in the continuum of life. It examines the very nature of existence linking the personal with the metaphysical, whilst referencing the collective notions of archaic symbolism.

Garland incorporates found material into her pieces, reinventing its status and potential suggestive qualities into relief structures. There is a strange alliance between the familiar and unfamiliar and with the deconstruction of object, reinvented to form a highly seductive quality to the surfaces. The works are rigorously composed through the use of measurement, geometry of mathematical calculations such as the use of re-occurring numbers, or the Fibonacci system, and presents us with thought provoking and sometimes witty configurations of both our existence and of our greater consciousness.