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May 31st - June 30th
Constructing the Constellations
Louise Garland

Private View

May 31st - 6.30pm



“Mankind cannot be properly understood unless we study at the same time the world in which man lives, for mankind is a small model of the universe, a microcosm in macrocosm. He is made out of the same materials and governed by the same laws.
When we study the fundamental laws that regulate everything, we can find examples of them working in ourselves and sometimes in the universe.”

Kenneth Walker – from ‘A Study of Gurdjieffs Teaching’.

These constructions look and ponder at our relationship to the cosmos : Some refer to Greek mythology and astrology, whilst others also reference stereotypical personality traits. Underlying all the pieces is the calculated use of geometry and measurement, as to be found within nature, such as the Fibonacci system. However, the emotive painterly application of surface materials aims to convey the sub- atomic particles of energy to be found within our selves, and the greater cosmos. The objects may be inanimate, but they have found a new life within the work, which suggests greater possibilities. I believe that we too have greater possibilities beyond our material existence.

“ It is sometimes a mistake to take on trust what artists have to say about their own work. There is no substitute for looking at the art itself, which usually refutes or complicates their remarks about it. Artists’ statements hold out the promise of a dangled bunch of keys, none of which proves to turn the lock. But that is not a bad thing, since it is also true that whatever residue of inexplicability lodges in a work of art is also its only hope of an afterlife, of an independent existence beyond the confines of the studio”

Andrew Graham-Dixon.

Louise Garland June 2008