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Land Strategies and theCommons
January 6th to February 21st

Chris Wright

"The aim is to allow a discourse where the intersections of space, function and artist create a dialogue so the artist and process of art-making becomes performative. My project is about constant disturbance through the dislocation of site by the artist in relation to place. The project straddles the border between art and research and consists of the development of thoughts and concepts that occur solely because of being in a particular place at a particular time. It aims to be a transparent process that is transmitted to whoever wants to share it whether by discourse, collaboration or a performative action"
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Collaboration between Chris Wright and PeterBarnard
(Peter Barnard January 30th at 6.30pm Skype discussion.) YouTube...
"Our initial intention is to work together making and sending sound recordings done at specific times that then become layered and interlinked through the mutuality of particular sounds and the discordance of others."
Peter Barnard’s practice as an artist involves a broad range of different disciplines ranging from video work, sculpture to site-specific sound installations.
Through this body of work Barnard explores how the use of sound affects the way certain objects and spaces speak to
the viewer on both a psychological and ontological level through hearing. Using subtle modulation with digital tools, elements that are found within auditory phenomena are purposefully isolated and expanded – calling into question the functionality of sound as an aesthetic experience as well as instigating a more intense listening process on the audience’s part. This correlates with elements of minimalism found within Barnard’s sculptural works that also references architectural archetypes which respond directly to the viewer’s presence within a space. Peter Barnard also adopts a highly experimental approach to creating video works as they reflect his interest in the soundtrack acting as parallel text to the narrative of the moving image.
Images: Courtesy of Chris Wright
The HMS Exhibition Space was set up for artists to showcase their work. This is not a commercial space and HMS encourages experimental and orignal artwort
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