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Harrington Mill Studios, Long Eaton, Nottingham, East Midlands - Affordable Work Spaces for Artists
Angears Visitor Centre


Saturday 23 June – Sunday 26 August
Angear Visitor Centre

PREVIEW 6 JULY, 7 - 9pm

Steffie Richards’ paintings are physical traces of heightened emotional states and moments of self-awareness that, for the artist, encapsulate something of the original sensation.

IMAGE:© Steffie Richards
Birmingham School of Art

Tenuto Dr. Chris A. Wright

Using the action of humming to explore the intersection of sound, time/space and body, Tenuto takes place on July 6th, 2018. It is a staged performance opening up the resonances of the foyer of the Birmingham School of Art with invited participants. The participants place an intention to hold the sound within and without with relation to the audience who are enclosed by the sound and who may wish to add their voice.

This collaborative work is presented with Ed McKeon (who presents the work Tacet) to explore the intersections of time, space and body through humming, an unworded vocalisation that can be seen as a direct response to the moment in time, the spatial surroundings, their emotional affect and the people around them.

The Hole, Queens, New York
Chris Wright's images will be site-specifically placed in the area named The Hole, Queens, New York

IMAGE:© Chris A Wright

Badger or It was, photograph, 2017
Highlighting death on the road, the badger is anthropomorphised

Saturday 11 August, 5 - 7pm

Meet the artist. Come and see Megan's installation created during her month long residency at Harrington Mills. All welcome!


IMAGERhythm'' :©Megan Doyle

2 July - August 5

Recent graduate from Derby University, Megan Doyle will be artist in residence at HMS before embarking on an MA.

IMAGE:©Megan Doyle


Aux Greniers A Sel

12 - 19 April, 2017

Grenier a Sel

HMS and artists from Thirtyfive Gamble, Nottingham had an amazing time in France. The Contre-Courant artists gave us a warm welcome and a week studded with social events involving food and wine which was enhanced by the stunning weather during the last few days.

The beautiful building in the heart of the town provided the perfect venue to attract the many visitors to the exhibition. We look forward to welcoming the group to Nottingham in October when ThirtyfiveGamble and HMS will host the return leg of the exchange.

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SCI: They Sail Across the Mirrored Sea
9 - 22 August

As part of the Liverpool Independents Bienniale Fringe, Jackie Berridge will be showing work with SCI, a group of artists based in the North West.

Exhibiting are: Jackie Berridge, Michael Borkowsky, Debra Eck, Jacqueline F Kerr, Sharon Mossbeck, Artemis Potamianou, Alison Whitmore and Wendy William

IMAGE:©A Whitmore

The Royal Derby Hospital
19th March - September

Preview: 19 March,4:40 - 5:30

See paintings by HMS artist Steffie Richards, organised by Air Arts.
Air Arts offers a wide range of artistic and creative activities for patients, staff and visitors at The Royal Derby and London Road Community Hospitals, to provide moments of distraction from illness, aid wellbeing and improve the hospital experience for everyone.

Michelle Neale, Helen Joyce, Betty Norton, Valerie Bradbury, Jane Bevan, Del Coombs, Lesley Warrington, Lorraine Clewlow, Kester Savage, Rosamond Woodrow, Nicki Dennett, Katie Petraitis, Steffie Richards, Padley Development Centre, Synergy and PM Poets, Pip Herbert


Harrington Mills Open Studios flyer


HMS artists opened their studios – talking directly to visitors about their work and giving insight into their many different approaches and styles.

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